Sean Hearne

Leadership and Sports Conditioning Coach
Helping you reach your full potential!

Hello, I’m Sean Hearne.  I have been blessed with so many positive mentors in my life. From school teachers, to coaches, camp counselors, supervisors at work and church mentors and my own wife and family.  I wish to give back to everybody who is looking for somebody to inspire them, to challenge the status quo in individual and sports leadership, to give back to others so they can take their intentions to the next level with confidence.  My desire to give comes from a position of gratefulness. I look forward to being your training partner.  On this journey of fitness for life and peak performance… I have recruited like-minded friends and professionals to extend the philosophy, nutrition and training principles to you. Together we are Fluid Sports Coaching.

My Story

I love people and I enjoy being with people who have a passion for life. I like to see the sun rise and the sun set and I like to do it participate more than watch life go by. I love athletic activities, sports and being outdoors in every season of the year. Activities that keep me busy in addition to my awesome wife and kids include: mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing, soccer, hiking, triathlons (I founded the Arvada Triathlon Club in 1997), coaching lacrosse, coaching soccer, I have practiced a traditional style of Kung Fu for many years (Shaolin Hung Mei Kung Fu Association). Language and understanding people is near to my heart. I speak Spanish and Russian, and during my travels to over 20 countries I have learned that we all have similar needs and a desire for bonding with each other and for significance in life. My hope is to share some of my strategies and to share the wisdom I have learned from others during my journey… which continues through today.

Sean Hearne

Founder, Fluid Sports Coaching

Lifelong athlete

Believes in a holistic approach to athlete development: mind, body, spirit

Over 15 years studying Kung Fu

Competed in Gymnastics NCAA Nationals three times

Speaks Spanish, Russian and English

Lance Henkel

Trainer Extraordinaire

A passion for fitness and investing in others led me to personal training and has been very rewarding.  Certified through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), my emphasis is on improving human performance with clients ranging from recreational to competitive athletes, youth to adult, fitness newcomers and long time enthusiasts.  I’ve personally spent countless hours training and preparing to compete successfully in many areas such as NCAA Division 1 football (Iowa State University), numerous triathlons, cross-training and adventure competitions. I have had many people help me along my way and now I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others to help them reach their wellness, fitness and athletic goals.  MY motto is “Training for the athlete inside everyBODY!”  

Lance played NCAA Division I Football at Iowa State

Lance holds multiple group and personal training certifications

He believes in building the whole athlete: mind-body-spirit