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I am taking a queue from one of my mentors in coaching and leadership and sharing why I blog.  Well… it’s not like I grew up with the term.  Yet I love technology and its ability to connect individuals. I particularly appreciate you giving me the window into your life to share my insights and lessons I have learned from other coaches.  In my posts you will find my original content along with references or quotes from people’s whose guidance I believe in.  I trust you will find these articles of use in your studies.  


College Athletes can earn money…

This week's post comes from the National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS). Up until this past week College Athletes could not earn money for their performances or fame in terms of name, image or likeness. That all changed this past week. Here is a copy of...

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Framing success for your athletes and yourself

This short story is entirely from a mentor of mine, James Leath. James is a full time coach and wonderful person... here is a link to his site. Unleash the Athlete - James Leath. I decided to share this story now because I coach High School sports. There are many...

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Quotes to ponder

From James Clear's newsletter November 2020... ponder these quotes and see how they apply to you in your life today, and those around you. "Lack of confidence kills more dreams than lack of ability. Talent matters—especially at elite levels—but people talk themselves...

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Racial Equality and Inequality in Sports

I wanted to shared this post by Jarrod Barnes. Why now? Well... I just found this article and it resonated with me and it has good lessons to share with today's youth, athletes, coaches, referees, parents, spectators and community. My biggest takeaway from this...

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The Athletic Serenity Prayer

Dr. Jerry Lynch wrote this - it's a great tribute to the concentration, focus, humility and peace required to Accept how to become an athlete at the next level... whatever that next level is for you. Grant me the serenity to accept my errors, mistakes, failures and...

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