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I am taking a queue from one of my mentors in coaching and leadership and sharing why I blog.  Well… it’s not like I grew up with the term.  Yet I love technology and its ability to connect individuals. I particularly appreciate you giving me the window into your life to share my insights and lessons I have learned from other coaches.  In my posts you will find my original content along with references or quotes from people’s whose guidance I believe in.  I trust you will find these articles of use in your studies.  


Get More than 1 Mentor in your Life

https://www.utathlete.com/ Unleash The Athlete - Whether you are a student athlete, amateur or professional athlete, or coach... you need Mentors and Coaches in your life. Do you think that Michael Jordan didn't accept advice when he made it to college to play...

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Activity vs Intensity – bring your Intensity

Great article I am a fan of... Author Paul Delia.... AST Sports Scienceby Paul Delia | Training Do You Really Train with High Intensity? Some people show up to the gym on a consistent basis but aren't demanding enough out of themselves while they are there. It's as if...

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Why Habits are so important

Albert Gray, a life insurance executive at Prudential, discussing the importance of habits in the 1940s: "Every single qualification for success is acquired through habit. People form habits and habits form futures. If you do not deliberately form good habits, then...

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10 Ways to Increase Your Talent. All-Season Training

1 - Be on time 2 - Have a strong work ethic 3 - Give maximum effort 4 - Practice good body language 5 - Be enthusiastic 6 - Have a good attitude 7 - Be Coachable 8 - Be passionate 9 - Do more than required 10 - Be Prepared Thanks to James Leath for sharing these tips....

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