Unleash The Athlete – Whether you are a student athlete, amateur or professional athlete, or coach… you need Mentors and Coaches in your life. Do you think that Michael Jordan didn’t accept advice when he made it to college to play basketball at North Carolina? Or again when he made it to the NBA? Do you think that current sports stars like Tom Brady from the New England Patriots or Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid (and recently Juventus) don’t engage in continuous learning? Of course not. So why would you not look for more than one source of inspiration and coaching in your life? I share this link to “Unleash the Athlete” because James Leath and his philosophy are something I continue to learn and grow from as a coach and adult athlete. Who is on the sideline when you are playing? What mental toughness techniques can you rely on when the chips are not going your way? Check out – and let me know your sources of inspiration.

Have a great week – stay tough, train hard, and when it comes to being right or being kind… be kind first.