A few ideas on self-motivation to keep you training “at a distance” from your peers. March 27, 2020 – Sean Hearne

It is challenging in the best of times to stay motivated and work out by yourself. There are a few techniques you can build into your day that may help you out, and I want to share them here. First of all, recognize the benefits that come from maintaining your health in terms of nutrition, mental sharpness and physical fitness. Now… if only there was a way to get excited to go out an exercise when you are feeling mentally sluggish or unmotivated! Well surprise there is no magic pill or medication to help with that. However you can build your own mental toughness and ability to be motivated by incorporate a few habits into your life. Here is a list of 3 ideas to try.

1 – Write down a schedule. It’s hard to avoid working out if you have already committed and blocked out time to workout.

2 – Set goals. It can be exciting to track progress. It also lets you know when to change up your exercise to continue progressing after a plateau.

3 – Find a workout buddy, even virtual buddies. You’ve all see the ads for the indoor cycling workouts offered by Peleton… there is a reason it is a huge hit. For many of us, it is more fun to workout with people than by yourself. Peleton fits the bill and gets you into a workout at a scheduled time. It is much harder to bail on workouts if they are scheduled, and with other people!

4 – Do something new. Often time we get bored with the same old routine, and it can be a fun challenge to learn something new and maintain fitness at the same time.

5 – Recognize your goals. Why do you workout? What do you really want to achieve? Are you looking to set a school record, an age-group record, score goals for your team, or just have fun, be healthy and fit? Figure out your personal intensity and drive levels… don’t let the commercials and your friends woo you into goals that are not your own. You’ll be much more satisfied and enjoy working out more if you follow your own path.

The following article was published in Men’s Health Magazine and, although focused on factors which would motivate the reader to head to the gym, certainly also applies to all of our members especially at this time of limited opportunities for training. During this time when we cannot depend upon peers for motivation, we have to find the compelling reasons for continuing our training within ourselves.

Article: People Who Work Out Every Day Explain How They Stay Motivated – Following is an excerpts from Men’s Health Magazine – March 6, 2020. Whether you’re a fitness newbie or a longtime gym-goer, finding the energy and inclination to work out can be a huge mental roadblock—especially during the colder, darker months for people who don’t live with year-round sunny weather.

In a thread on Reddit which has garnered nearly 10,000 replies, people who go to the gym every day (or practice some kind of other daily skill) have been sharing the things that help them stay motivated and proactive in keeping up with their good habits.

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